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wound Treatments in Kansas City

The Healient Difference

Wound Treatments in kansas city

We help patients with wound treatments in Kansas City.

A chronic wound is defined as a wound that doesn’t heal or has become infected. Usually there is an underlying condition that has gone unnoticed or untreated. It’s important that the wound is examined and treatment provided soon. If you’re searching for wound treatments in Kansas City, our team of specialists can help.

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About the HEalient difference

Learn about what makes the Healient wound care team different.

The wound care specialists at Healient have built a solid reputation in Kansas City.

The Healient wound clinic is unique in that our physicians see ONLY wounds all day long, 5 days a week. What does that mean for you? It means our knowledge and successful outcomes for healing are superior. Our physicians are former ER doctors who are board certified in Hyperbaric Medicine and have a passion for helping patients suffering with acute or chronic wounds. Because successful wound treatment requires assessing the entire person, not just the wound, our team of experts work with your primary care physician to assure complete continuity of care.

Wound Care Visit

Here’s what to expect when you visit for wound care in Kansas City.

Your first exam will involve an initial assessment that involves measuring and taking pictures of the wound. We do that so we can evaluate our treatment and make sure it is working appropriately.

  • After the initial assessment, an advanced wound care treatment plan is designed for each individual patient.

  • Instructions for proper on-going care at home are given to the patient and family.

  • Continuous follow-up and monitoring by our physicians.  Patients see the same wound care doctors throughout the healing process.

Your Wound Care Specialists

Meet your specialists.

Our Diagnosis Process

 Here’s what to expect when you visit for wound care diagnosis in Kansas City.

After the initial exam, we will discuss a diagnosis and individualized treatment plan with the patient. Follow up and continuous monitoring is our gold standard.

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