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Cardiac testing and diagnosis in Kansas City

Testing and Diagnosis

Healient Testing and Diagnosis

We help patients with robust cardiac testing and diagnosis in Kansas City.

There are many tests a cardiologist might order to help identify common heart conditions. These tests look at disease, injury, and problems present at birth (congenital). Many of them look at how well your heart is pumping blood and whether there is any blockage of your arteries. These tests help our physicians diagnose a patient’s condition and create a treatment plan.

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About Cardiac Testing and Diagnosis

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Healient’s cardiac testing and diagnosis provides detailed and quick answers to the patients.

Located in the heart of the clinic, our testing and diagnosis protocol saves our patients time and gives our physicians an opportunity to discuss their findings with patients after we complete the test. Our imaging center, which partners with St. Joseph Medical Center, is staffed with some of the best cardiovascular techs in KC who have over 20 years of experience. They give very detailed exams of arteries and veins that help our doctors properly diagnose the patient’s condition.

Our Process

Here’s what to expect when you visit for testing or diagnosis.

  • Get a doctor's order for the test  

  • Schedule appointment for test  

  • Follow instructions given for test  

  • Perform test  

  • Discuss results of test with doctor  

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