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Vein Treatment

Vein treatments may become necessary when there is decreased blood flow from the veins in the leg that lead to the heart, resulting in a pooling of blood in the veins. Each vein contains a one-way value that keeps blood flowing toward the heart (against gravity). When these valves do not close properly, blood can flow backward causing veins to become bulged, thickened and rope-like.

Heart & Vascular Services

With over 100 years offering cardiac care, experience and trust are key reasons why patients choose Healient. Each of our cardiologists has been in practice for at least 25 years, and together they address multiple specialties and provide comprehensive treatment options, including preventative care and cardiovascular risk assessments, for everything from general cardiology to vascular disease.

Wound Care Services

Wound care is generally necessary for any injury that breaks the skin, since you’re left vulnerable to germs, dirt and bacteria. When dealing with an acute or chronic wound that does not heal—such as surgical or diabetic wounds or pressure sores—you should always contact a wound care specialist, because untreated wounds can cause pain, loss of function, or compromised quality of life.

About Us

Our board certified physician specialists boast decades of experience in their respective fields and focus on providing every patient the targeted, personalized care and quality outcomes.

We are proud to be a Kansas City leader in diagnosing and treating conditions of the heart; traumatic, diabetic and post-operative wounds; and various forms of vascular disease.

On Care

Healient is proud to offer every patient a personalized treatment plan.

Whether you’re a new or returning patient, you can expect efficient service, prompt scheduling and quality outcomes. We believe your healthcare should be personal, we promise to make you our top priority and our patient centric philosophy is reflected in every interaction.

On You

Whether you require diagnostic testing, comprehensive treatment or interventional services, Healient guarantees best in class care-and most importantly-your complete satisfaction; we even offer same-day appointments for new patients and pre-operative evaluations within 24 hours.

Patient Focused Healthcare

Our patient centric philosophy of care is reflected in every interaction. We don’t just say you’re our top priority. We mean it.


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Patient Centric Services

Healient is proud to be a Kansas City leader in the diagnosis and treatment of select healthcare specialties, including conditions of the heart; traumatic, diabetic and post-operative wounds; and various forms of vascular disease.

Within each of these focused areas, our board certified physicians hold decades of experience and offer advanced treatment options within a personal, technology-driven healthcare setting.

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People are our number one priority at Healient. It’s why we treat only within a focused range of specialties—it lets our physicians provide truly personalized and compassionate care that results in quality outcomes and complete patient satisfaction.