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Welcome to Healient Physician Group

Kansas City’s Heart, Vascular, and Wound Care Experts

Personalized Healthcare

Full-service heart, vascular, and wound care treatment.

At Healient, we’re a team of heart, vascular, and wound care physicians dedicated to providing patients throughout the Kansas City metro with personalized care and treatment. No matter if you’re visiting for a consultation, diagnostic testing, or a minimally invasive procedure, the Healient team is committed to not only providing answers but also comfort and one-on-one attention.

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What We Do

Here’s a look at the services we’re proud to offer our patients in Kansas City.

Cardiac Treatment

We diagnose and treat heart-related problems including coronary artery disease, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, valvular heart disease, high blood-pressure, and more.

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Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine

We help to heal serious wounds and ulcers, as well as provide treatment with hyperbaric medicine.

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Peripheral Vascular Treatment

We diagnose and treat peripheral arterial and venous conditions.

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We offer electrophysiology diagnosis, testing, and treatments for a variety of cardiac rhythm abnormalities, including atrial fibrillation.

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Meet the Healient Physician Group Team

Learn more about the Healient Physician Group experts.

We’re a team of heart, vascular, and wound care doctors, nurses, and healthcare specialists who serve the Kansas City community with patient-focused treatments. From our comfort-focused waiting room to our quick and effective appointments, we’re focused on providing our patients with the best cardiac, vascular, and wound treatment in Kansas City.

Meet the Team

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The Healient Treatment Method

 Our treatment philosophy puts you and your care first.

At Healient, we believe your treatment experience should live up to the trust you place in our team.

Our treatment philosophy helps to build trust by including a comfort-focused office, easy access to our expert team of heart, vascular, and wound care doctors in Kansas City, timely treatments, and more.

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William Holland

I am beyond thankful for the nurses, staff, and providers at St. Joseph Medical Center who assisted in my care. The staff at the Healient office, surgery, ICU, and CCU were very efficient and caring. My surgeon, Dr. Forman, and my cardiologist, Dr. Lundgren, were excellent. They are thorough and explained everything in a way to put myself and my family at ease.

Raymond Allen Vaughn

I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I was treated with compassion and care, and I would definitely recommend St. Joseph Medical Center to others based on my experience.

If you feel anything is off, get it checked out right away. Don’t just ignore it. Especially with strokes, the response time is definitely the key to a full recovery.


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