• Healthcare should be personal

    This is what we believe at Healient Physician Group. As specialists who have worked in healthcare for decades, we have seen the trend in healthcare—and we believe it can be better.

  • Healthcare should be relational

    Our patient centric philosophy of care is reflected in every interaction. We don’t just say you’re our top priority. We mean it.

  • Healthcare should be unique

    Healient was created by local physicians who believe people should have excellent healthcare experiences, experiences tailored to each individual’s needs.


On Purpose

Excellent patient experiences don’t just happen—it is a mindset, a culture which is focused on the patient, relationally driven and individually customized. This is what our patients can expect at Healient, people who care about people, and our entire team is committed to this purpose.

On Care

As local physicians who are a part of the Kansas City community, we believed there needed to be an alternative option apart from the large health systems. An option which provides patients an excellent experience centered on relationships and mutual respect.


On Time

Healient is a facility where patients are treated at their appointment time by their physicians. It is also where physicians spending time answering patient questions and where the specialist is in communication with the patients’ primary care physician.

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